How-To Use EcoSan™

Our Patent-Pending EcoSan™ is the Reusable Sanitizing Cloth you've been waiting for. With it, sanitation will always be at your fingertips! You no longer have to rely on a grocery store to stock sanitizer for you cart. 

Take your safety into your own hands and leave every surface you touch sanitized behind you.

Here's how to use the EcoSan™:

1. Unscrew Sanitizer Recharge Bottle from EcoSan™

2. Fill with Sanitizing Solution 

3. Affix Recharge Bottle to EcoSan™ and invert

4. Squeeze lightly, while inverted, to dampen Cloth 

5. Remove Cloth from EcoSan™ and sanitize!


- Do not squeeze Recharging Bottle until EcoSan™ is inverted. May cause leak.

We recommend laundering your Cloths once per week with your regular load to ensure continued cleanliness and effectiveness.